Man arrested after filming himself speeding

23:15, Jul 12 2012

A Lamborghini owner in Japan has been arrested after posting a video on YouTube that showed his car travelling at more than twice the legal speed.

The 38-year-old executive of a Hiroshima-based company was arrested after police were notified in March by viewers of the footage on YouTube, Toshiyuki Sasaki, spokesman for the Hiroshima prefectural police said.

He declined to identify the driver.

The executive recorded the Gallardo's speedometer as he barrelled through a 60kmh expressway tunnel, passing other cars at 156kmh (97 miles per hour), according to police.

Although the video doesn't seem to capture the offending Gallardo travelling at those speeds the driver was clearly speeding through the tunnel based on how many car’s the Italian supercar passes.

Sasaki said the driver faced jail time of as much as six months or a fine of as much as 100,000 yen (NZ$1595).

''He enjoyed the roar of the engine and the excessive speed,'' said Sasaki, citing the driver's statements to police.

The Gallardo's speedometer tops out at 340kmh.

The arrest follows a series of crashes and incidents involving Japanese drivers of high-end sportscars.

In December, a Lamborghini and eight Ferraris were involved in a 13-car crash that wrecked about $4 million of vehicles, according to Sports Nippon newspaper.

The convoy, which the police later called ''a gathering of narcissists,'' was heading from the southern main island of Kyushu to Hiroshima when the accident occurred.

In March, a 50-year-old Fukuoka doctor was arrested after posting footage on YouTube showing himself driving a Ferrari at 124kmh in a 40kmh area.

A total of 1117 Lamborghini cars have been sold in Japan since 2003, when the Gallardo model was introduced, according to data from Japan Automobile Importers Association.