007 back in the Goldfinger Aston

02:33, Jul 27 2012

For a secret agent James Bond hasn't done a good job of keeping this new car under wraps.

Film makers have officially confirmed that the British spy will drive an Aston Martin DB5 in the upcoming film, Skyfall, set for release in November.

But unlike its last (brief) appearance in 2006's Casino Royale this time the DB5 is expected to play a prominent role in Skyfall. It may even be involved in its first chase sequence since its appearance in 1964's Goldfinger, according to a report in The Sun newspaper.

Although it is not the identical DB5 that appeared in Goldfinger it will carry the same BMT 216A numberplates as it did when Sean Connery drove it.

Skyfall will mark the sixth appearance of the DB5 in a Bond movie (Goldfinger, Thunderball, Casino Royale, Tomorrow Never Dies and GoldenEye).

"We've used different cars from time to time, but we've always come back to Aston Martin," says Michael G. Wilson, producer.

"It's a signature car for Bond."

Director Sam Mendes says the decision to go with the DB5 was based on cinematic themes, not any financial endorsement from Aston Martin. Skyfall reportedly features earned more than $40 million worth of product placement – including Bond switching from Martinis to Dutch beer.

"The DB5 is part of my boyhood, I think it's part of my generations boyhood," says Mendes. "I had the toy with the ejector seat. I lost the little man, that flew out, and spent the rest of my childhood looking for it behind various sofas. But I felt like it was a thematic thing, about the old and the new," says Mendes.

"I felt there was something about the last part of the movie that deliberately, very consciously, could have taken place in 1962."

Aston Martin claims not to pay to feature its cars, although it is believed Ford (which previously owned Aston Martin) paid millions to get product placements in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

"It's a gentlemanly relationship, it's not a monetary thing," design boss Marek Reichman, told Drive in March. "They don't charge us and we don't charge them."

Despite originally driving Bentleys in Ian Fleming's novels, Bonds has become synonymous with Aston Martin. He briefly flirted with Lotus in the 1970s and was paid big money to drive BMWs in the 1990s but since 2002's Die Another Day he's been back in Aston Martins.

Quantum of Solace began with a car chase featuring an Aston Martin DBS across the Italian countryside, including a quarry.

-Fairfax Australia