Bicycle cop pulls over Bugatti Veyron

On paper it seems like the world's greatest mis-match - a humble bicycle versus the world's fastest car. But the odds shorten when the law's on your side.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a Bugatti Veyron - widely acknowledged as the world's fastest car, with a top speed of more than 400kmh - being pulled over by a bike-mounted patrol officer on the city streets of London.

The 736kW, quadruple turbo W16-engined hyper coupe is seen pulling out of a side street with a fluorescent clad police officer pedalling in front, signalling for the driver to pull over.

According to the poster of the video, supercarsoflondon, the multimillion dollar car wasn't speeding or driving dangerously.

''Definition of Irony? 1001bhp Veyron being stopped by a Policeman on a push bike!!! This is a rare site (sic) for a car like this to be pulled over. The Olympics definitely means more police. This incident only occurred due to no front number plate! Policeman wasting everyones (sic) time!!”

If you're curious as to why there are several camera angles in the video, it's probably because supercarsoflondon is linked to the website Super Car Scene, a crowd-sourcing website that relies on members of public to upload their videos and photos of exotic cars from around the globe.

-Fairfax Australia