Terrifying ride as accelerator sticks

A woman has survived a terrifying ride on a US highway after her accelerator apparently became stuck.

Lori Ubelstad careened along a Missouri highway at the weekend at speeds of up to 190kmh, weaving through traffic and a construction zone also along the motorway's grassy median strip just to avoid a catastrophic smash.

She managed to call emergency services to explain her situation and police were able to catch up with the runaway 2011 Kia Sorrento and clear the highway of other vehicles.

She describes on the video her failed attempts to stop the vehicle as segments of the dramatic incident were captured on dashboard cameras aboard the police cars.

"Every [steering wheel] correction is more subtle when you are going over 100 mph [160kmh] and for her to drop down in a grass median filled with holes and come back up was amazing," Sergeant Sheldon Lyon of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said, adding that she performed that stunt at least eight times.

After a 35-minute ordeal covering 95km, Ms Ubelstad was able to stop her car by following the troopers' directions to lift up the accelerator while applying the brake.

"She put herself in life-and-death situations several times," Lyon said.

"I feel sorry for her, but she did an outstanding job of controlling that vehicle in difficult circumstances. She overcame so many obstacles."