Children and dog in boot of speeding car

21:24, Sep 27 2012
Car boot
Three children and a dog were found in this car boot by a policeman after he pulled over the driver for speeding.

A US woman has been arrested after police pulled her over for speeding and found three children and a dog in the boot of her car.

The New York Daily News reports the 28-year-old driver, Anna Boyle, of Washington state, appeared “very nervous” after she was pulled over by police. It was soon clear why.

The officers at the scene reportedly heard a “thumping sound” from the boot of the small Nissan sedan, and allegedly found three small children – Boyle’s daughter, aged eight, and two sons, aged seven and five – and their canine companion in the boot of the car.

“At no time did the driver or passenger tell either trooper there were kids in the car,” state patrol trooper Keith Leary said in a statement.

“The car was black, the sun was out.”

On the backseat where the children should have been was a guitar, backpack and snowboard, along with rubbish and several pairs of shoes.


Boyle and her fiancé were in the front seats of the car, and claimed the children must have crawled through the ski-port to the boot of the car despite the clutter which would appear to have prevented them from being seated on the rear bench anyway.

“The trooper does not know how it could be possible they were ever in the front, as there were so many items and no car seats for one, let alone three, kids,” the police issued statement said.

Police found evidence of hard drugs inside the car, including methamphetamine, heroin, prescription pills and other paraphernalia.

The statement claimed the children hadn’t eaten since the night before.

They were taken to McDonalds before the state’s child protection services took them into custody.

Boyle and her fiancé were arrested on drugs charges, while reports stated no charges had been laid regarding the children being in the boot of the car.