Sex while driving crash kills two

Alcohol and driving are known to be a deadly mix but a man in the US has now added sex as another deadly driving combo.

Mark Anders Chalin was apparently having sex with his girlfriend while driving and slammed into another vehicle killing both his girlfriend and the driver of the other vehicle.

In a plea deal last week he admitted two charges of criminal vehicular homicide due to negligence in the US state of Minnesota. reported that witnesses who had passed Chalin's car had told police that his girlfriend, Amber Menezes, 23, was straddling him, blocking his view of the road, when the car slammed into another, killing 35-year-old mother of four, Jonna Martin.

Chalin claims he can not remember anything of what led to the crash in August 7, 2011, and had pleaded guilty because he understood the jury had evidence to find him guilty on the charges. said the two cars were travelling in opposite directions and an investigation showed Martin had moved to the shoulder of the road and slammed on her brakes before being hit by Chalin. There was no evidence Chalin attempted to slow down after he crossed the centreline and swerved into Martin, the reports said.

A 48-month prison sentence has been recommended for his sentencing hearing in December.