New device claims to thwart traffic cameras

21:04, Oct 11 2012

An American inventor claims to have come up with a system that thwarts most traffic cameras.

Jonathan Dandrow told Autoblog website that he created "noPhoto" when he heard about a family member always getting traffic camera tickets in Washington DC.

He is now in the final stages of its development and attempting to raise NZ$100,000 to get the device certified.

His device is said to detect the traffic camera taking a picture and flash a bright light over the license plate, making it impossible for the camera to capture an image of the plate.

"All we're trying to do is give drivers privacy," said Dandrow, who says that the device is perfectly legal because it doesn't physically obstruct the license plate.

"People should look into how these companies use all of the information they collect. This just stops them from collecting even more."

In New Zealand this statement is sure to sound like a Tui ad as he told Autoblog that ''noPhoto'' was not developed for people to break the law, but to simply stand a chance against money hungry municipalities using high tech cameras to collect US$100 bills from drivers – lawfully or otherwise.

The story doesn't shed any light on how the camera taking avoidance system works in different weather conditions.