White still world's most popular car colour

22:15, Oct 11 2012
A cornish white Rolls-Royce "Phantom" car on display at a Rolls-Royce showroom in Dubai.
WHITE IS RIGHT: A cornish white Rolls-Royce "Phantom" car on display at a Rolls-Royce showroom in Dubai. A new survey shows that white remains the popular car colour.

Forget the bright car colours everyone turns to look at – it’s dull hues most buyers are attracted to.

A report from global paint producer PPG has found that the majority of motorists will choose conservative paint colours for their cars, as white once again topped the list as the world’s most popular choice, accounting for 22 per cent of all cars in the world – up one per cent on 2011’s figures.

Silver was a close second place with 20 per cent popularity, while third-placed black dropped in popularity by one per cent to 19 per cent. Grey was fourth, with 12 per cent of the total colour pie (down one per cent).

While the results focus on the global market, PPG says that in the Asia Pacific area, silver and white are the most popular car colours, with both accounting for 23 per cent of new cars on the road. Black accounts for 19 per cent, ''natural'' shades such as brown, orange and gold make up 10 per cent, while red (nine per cent), grey (eight per cent), blue (seven per cent) and green (one per cent).

PPG's survey also found that 77 per cent of people claimed colour was a factor in choosing their car, with buyers of luxury cars or SUVs and sports cars placing higher importance on getting the colour they want. On top of that, 45 per cent of people want more colour choices.

Mike Millar, manager of strategic marketing for PPG, told Automotive News that car colour was among the first questions buyers asked when looking at a new car purchase, and the company’s research had placed exterior hue options as “nearly as important as advanced technology”.