Ragged underwear key to Top Gear success

00:21, Oct 12 2012

Top Gear producer Andy Wilman would have you believe a pair of lucky underpants have been integral part of the television show's success.

Wilman, in a BBC clip on YouTube, shows his well-worn briefs to one-and-all, as staples are used for repairs for the show's 18th season.

"See the trophies in our room... this is why,'' he says while holding the tattered pair aloft.

Wilman said a dislike of flying led him to notice in the 1990s that if he was wearing the same sort of underpants the plane would always get where they were going so they became lucky pants.

"When we started Top Gear it was a big gample and I decided to wear them as lucky pants on studio day.

"Here we are 10 years later... I wear them every Wednesday, although the build quality of Calvins (Kleins) can't survive 15 or 16 years of sweaty underpants area."