Fred Flintstone-braking attempt goes wrong

01:44, Nov 28 2012
Fred Flintstone and his car.
YABBA DABBA DO: Fred Flintstone and his car.

A man doing a Fred Flintstone braking impersonation has been run over by his own truck.

Brian Reynolds, 40, of Salem, Boston, in the US, was driving his 1987 Chevrolet truck when he realised it had no brakes and he resorted to a braking style used by the cartoon character, website reports.

It didn't go according to plan and when police arrived on the scene after reports of an accident, Reynolds was lying face down on the road.

"The brakes to his pickup truck failed on the decline of the roadway just before the entrance to Mack Park," one of the responding officers had written in the police log.

"As a result he opened his driver's door and put his left foot out trying to stop his truck."

When that didn't work, according to, Reynolds attempted to turn his truck up a hill to the right side of the road, but police say it caused him to fall out of his open door.

The truck drove over his left leg, rolled further down the street - without colliding with any other vehicles - and crossed the road before hitting a fire hydrant and coming to a stop.

Reynolds suffered road rash and minor leg injuries but suffered further financial pain when hit with a US$35 ticket for driving with defective equipment.