Ultimate Aussie cop car is just for show

HOTTEST COP CAR: But it won't be chasing anyone, says Ford.
HOTTEST COP CAR: But it won't be chasing anyone, says Ford.

It looks good and appears to be capable of stopping speedy offenders in their tracks. It's the latest Ford Falcon patrol car.

Just as the New Zealand traffic people are looking at possibly downsizing, there seems to be no such call for PC options for driving PCs in the lucky country.

Touted as "the most powerful highway patrol car to hit Australian roads", this Falcon is the 150th numbered Ford Performance Vehicles GT R-spec model, and it has been painted up in cop clothes. What the GT R-spec means is that the car is based on Ford's ultimate performance version of its staple sedan, complete with a supercharged "Boss" motor, in the form of Ford's 5.0-litre Quad Cam 32-valve "Coyote" V8, offering up 400kW (that's 536 horsepower in old money), which is 65kW up on the standard GTP model.

Being the 150th built GT R-spec is also appropriate because it commemorates the NSW Police Department's 150th anniversary.

But, and for patrol drivers, it's a big "but", despite the car being finished with all that police livery, lights and all the standard patrol car equipment, it will never actually be used by police to chase low- lifes and speedsters.

Instead, it will be used by the New South Wales police for demonstration purposes only.

Ford isn't the first company to offer up cars for promotional purposes, with all three Australian car manufacturers being only too happy to donate police-painted cars for such use.

"Funded by the Motor Accident Authority of New South Wales, the vehicle will be used to promote the road safety aims of the NSW police at various events, before going on display at the Police Museum in Sydney," said a Ford statement. There is no truth in the rumour that more than 200 offers from officers to take the car home to look after it have been received.

Sunday Star Times