Ferrari Facebook fans reach 10 million

In just three years, the number of Ferrari fans on Facebook has reached the incredible figure of 10 million.

To celebrate the company produced a short cartoon (watch above) which features Ferrari's chairman Luca di Montezemolo.

The luxury supercar-maker and Formula One racer has been on Facebook since 2009, enjoying exponential growth in the number of fans following the page, becoming one of the biggest social media realities in the world.

Numbers have grown by nearly four million in the past 12 months alone and reveal interesting trends in the usage of this media, especially amongst emerging markets and among youngsters. In fact 55 per cent of all followers are under 24.

Ferrari's biggest fan-base following is in traditional markets, including the USA, France, Spain and Italy, but support is remarkably strong from other, newer markets for Ferrari, such as India which can already count on almost one million fans.