Austrians unveil the ultimate Abarth

NOT A FIAT ABARTH: The Milan Abarth supercar.
NOT A FIAT ABARTH: The Milan Abarth supercar.

This Austrian-designed Milan Abarth supercar is a race car for the road, which will be available with power outputs ranging from 600 hp (447kw) all the way up to a whopping 1700 hp (1268kw).

With a curb weight hovering around the 1000 kilogram mark it promises to be very very quick indeed with early reports predicting a 0-100kmh time of less than three seconds!

Only 14 cars will be built with prices starting at NZ$600,000.

While the Abarth name is inxorably linked to Fiat, Porsche and Renault, the family hails from Austria. Karl Abarth was the famous family member who moved to Italy to work with Fiat, Porsche and Renault from the 1950s to 1970s, later changing his name to Carlo. The car's engine is reported to be designed by his descendants.

The car made its first appearance at a small event in Monaco recently and is set to make its world debut in February 2013.