Dash cam films cuffed burglar's police car theft

01:42, Dec 13 2012

Police in the Texas town of White Settlement are a little red-faced after a handcuffed burglar managed to steal one of their patrol cars.

The incident was all caught on the dash cam of a police car parked behind the vehicle that was to be stolen while further "in car" footage shows the antics of the thief as he struggled to control the vehicle while wearing handcuffs.

Police report that Darren Porter had been arrested at the scene of an antique store robbery and placed in the back of the patrol car.

Left alone as officers continued their investigations, dash cam footage shows that soon after they left, Porter was able to roll down the car's window, open the door, get back in the front and drive off.

Police admit they had no idea the patrol car had been taken until they began receiving calls about a patrol car being driven erratically.'

The car was found later in a damaged condition and Porter remains on the run.

Watch the incident below: