Luxury car maker gets serious

18:10, Dec 17 2012
Qoros sedan.
QOROS SEDAN: Hints that this car could be a real worldiwde contender. This is all they would show, but there'll be more to see at next year's car shows.

Qoros, a new Chinese car maker is making a serious attempt to conquer the difficult European market with its first ever production model that will be revealed in a world premiere at February's 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The name of the model range that Qoros will be launching is not known, but the company has said it will be a mid-to-compact-sized sedan range with rear-wheel-drive to compete with the Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Focus and Volvo V40.

The car maker has offered up a few renderings of its proposed model, although the only properly finished picture of the car is the accompanying rear three-quarter illustration. It is nevertheless pretty impressive in its shape and detailing, and probably the best looking all-Chinese new car we've seen so far.

Early drawings of the Qoros
IMPRESSIVE: Early drawings of the Qoros may be a little exaggerated, but draw praise.

A set of sketches has been submitted for us to use too, but it must be remembered that such line drawings often exaggerate the likely proportions, particularly around the wheels and wheelarches for stylistic effect and we'd advise that the part-picture shown here is more likely to represent the finished product. Qoros says its new car will be joined in Geneva by two all-new concept cars designed to offer a glimpse into the company's future product plans.

Gert Volker Hildebrand, who is the brand's executive director of design, says that the three Qoros vehicles will be distinguished by "desirable elegance".

"Very few designers have the chance to design the badge first, and then go on to reflect a completely new vision and dream by designing a brand's first family of cars," Hildebrand said.


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