Honda wins best car ad of all-time poll

A UK magazine's attempt to name the best car advert of all time is sure to prompt many more candidates.

Auto Express has claimed - via a poll of readers - that Honda's 2003 "cog" advert for the Accord is the "best car ad of all-time". It took 31 per cent of the votes and was followed by Ford's ad for the Puma featuring Steve McQueen with Peugeot's 206 advert, "The Scuptor" rated the third best.

Readers were able to pick their favourite car advert from a list of 20 which had been shortlisted by experts at the magazine along with an advertising agency rep.

"Honda's cog ad ticks all the boxes for car ads: it's incredibly watchable, clever and memorable with a great soundtrack, too. We're not surprised it came in at number one in our poll, but the size of the vote for it shows what a great ad it is," Steve Fowler, Auto Express editor-in-chief, said.

Developed by creative advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, the ad shows a cog rolling gently down a wooden plank, knocking into a larger cog. It sets off an incredible chain reaction in which a huge array of Accord parts knock, roll or swing into each other. The ad changed the perception of Honda and its drivers, with it proving so watchable you just don't want it to end.

We think there are many more adverts that could challenge this "best of all-time" top five.

Watch the Auto Express top five and let us know your best in the comments section below these ads.