Pedestrians help 'drunk' driver into his car

What would you do? The results were surprising in the UK where a hidden video surveillance camera demonstrated that in most cases a drunken driver would be actually helped into his car by passing strangers.

The 90-second video, released last week by car insurance company,, shows an actor pretending to be drunk, and asking passing pedestrians for help getting into his car. Stumbling and slurring his words, he attracted the attention of passers-by as he fumbled with his keys.

Many members of the public appeared stunned to see the man struggling to open his car door, with the actor briefed to ask for help and to add to the conversation that he lived "just up the road".

The aim of the video was to see whether strangers would turn a blind eye to drink-driving.

More than 50 people were approached by the actor. Of these, more than two-thirds helped him get into his car, despite his drunkenness. Eight people refused to help and told the actor that he shouldn't be driving, but only one took the man's keys and called the police.

Most people spotted the man, but carried on walking, ignoring his obvious attempts to drive while under the influence of alcohol.