NZ's road toll up 11pc

The death rate on New Zealand's road has already reached 300 for the year - a rise of 11 per cent - while at the same point in 2011 it was 268.

Last year's total for the whole 12 months was only 284, although 300 is still below the tolls for the four years prior to 2011.

According to the authorities, there are safer cars, more police patrols and cameras than ever before, and we have occasional 4kmh over the posted limit blitzes.

So Gerry Brownlee (Minister of Transport) what's the next move?

A cohesive safety and remedial driver training effort? Yeah, right.

Maybe New Zealand would be advised to send representatives to a road safety seminar in the United Kingdom. The seminar aims to lift the lid on new ways to help deliver cost-effective road safety programmes and will be hosted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

With road fatalities showing an increase in the UK - as in New Zealand - and with significantly reduced resources available for road safety, the ROSPA road safety seminar will examine the potential for new technologies, engagement methods and ways of working.

It's at Conference Aston, in Birmingham, on March 7.

We wouldn't mind some of our tax dollars being used to send someone over.