Pimping cars for those who have everything

18:10, Dec 30 2012
A customised Rolls Royce.
WHITEWASH: A customised Rolls Royce comes in white if you insist.

The advice has always been that you do not customise a Rolls Royce, you get the company that builds it to do it for you. It's a way of protecting the integrity of the brand. Sadly, fewer people care these days; it is street cred they are after.

Wald International, an Osaka-based tuning company that would customise your grandmother if you allowed it to, has been fiddling with the Rolls Royce Ghost and has quite a potential customer base, ranging from rappers and football players to oil squillionaires from the former Soviet Union.

Wald International is nothing if not flexible in its approach and when it is not personalising Bentleys, Benzes and other super sedans, it works on mainstream cars like the Toyota 86 coupe and the Lexus CT 200h hatchback.

The company is now putting its efforts into the big-buck end of the market, working on premium vehicles such as the Ghost, for which it has prepared a new styling statement named the Sports Line Black Bison Edition, which can be white if you insist. The outside is vamped up with an aerodynamic kit. This includes a new front bumper, front fender attachments, side skirts, a deck lid spoiler and a rear diffuser.

Pricing for an aero package for your Ghost will cost you the same as a mid-sized family sedan. A sports exhaust with quad tailpipes is optional, plus all manner of deeply dished multi-spoke alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile performance tires.

I can think of only one person in New Zealand who would like this car, which would cost about a day's trade on Megaupload to buy in finished trim.


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