Tyre wear sees concept design turn orange

18:10, Jan 03 2013
The Discolour Tyre.
COLOUR CHANGE: The tyre designed to change colour as the tread wears out.

A new concept is aiming to make it easier for motorists to know when it's time to buy new tyres.

Yanko Design has unveiled the "Discolour Tyre" which will change colour when the tread reaches an unsafe level.

The company says that "basically a tyre is good for around 20,000 kilometrees and then its kinda worn out".

"With the 'Discolour Tyre', the tyre takes on a bright orange hue once it is worn out and requires immediate replacement.

"It saves you the trouble of keeping a constant check and acts as a good warning system to keep your travels safe."

Under the design concept, an orange layer of rubber is added immediately below the layer of tread. Tyres remain the standard black, but as they wear, any driver walking around their vehicle will be able to easily see the orange beginning to show through.

The company believes that as tyres become more orange, it will become an embarrassment to the driver and make it more likely they will replace their tyres sooner, rather than later.