Speeding driver's Facebook request ends in jail

20:31, Jan 21 2013

A driver in Britain has been sentenced to five months' jail because he advertised on Facebook for volunteers to take his speeding penalty points.

Scott Woodburn, 32, was caught speeding and faced a driving ban because he had accumulated more than the maximum 12 points.

In an attempt to escape the ban, Woodburn paid Daniel Baggaley more than NZ$500 to accept the offence for him.

Despite the Facebook evidence, police needed forensic evidence to prove it was Woodburn driving.

In another Facebook related incident, a US teen in Oregon was arrested after he posted a message admitting that he had been driving drunk, and apologised for hitting a car during his boozy sortie.

Jacob Cox-Brown, 18, posted: 'Drivin drunk ... classic - whoever's vehicle i hit i am sorry.'

A friend saw the post and reported it just as police were investigating a hit and run. Cox-Brown was arrested and charged with two counts of 'failing to perform the duties of a driver.'


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