Quad bike and plane in runway near miss

00:34, Jan 23 2013

Messing around with a quad bike on a runway becomes a whole lot more exciting when it includes a near miss with a low flying plane.

YouTube footage shows a biplane trailing smoke and flying just above the unnamed runway racing towards the quad rider.

The rider appears to say something like: "hang on, a plane", moments before being narrowly missed by the swerving aircraft.

The plane then passes, with a roar, scarily close to the unseen woman filming the incident. She can be heard shrieking in what could be relief or exhilaration. Then she whimpers.

"On my God," she says in what sounds like an American accent.

The footage brings to mind the famous scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 film North by Northwest in which Cary Grant is terrorised by a crop dusting biplane, although the shooting and fiery crash of the movie are missing.