Baby cheats death twice in icy crash

01:38, Jan 24 2013

A one-year-old baby has had a miraculous escape in a smash on an icy Russian highway.

The baby girl was apparently not in a car seat when the SUV she was travelling in, skidded and spun during an overtaking manoeuvre, colliding with an oncoming truck and trailer unit.

The force of the crash ejected her from the car and she landed face down on the highway in the path of another oncoming truck. Despite the icy road conditions, that vehicle was able to slow down and sweve to avoid running her over.

It was reported the baby had been placed "like a doll" on the shelf under the rear window and not in a car seat.

The entire incident was captured on a dash cam of another vehicle and shows the driver rushing out to pick up the girl and put her back in the car.

Russian news report the the girl suffered head and face injuries.