'Twister' travels through Mt Maunganui

21:12, Feb 03 2013

Mount Maunganui couple Dani Morales and Mark Laurences' breakfast plans were disrupted when a "twister" made its way across Pilot Bay this morning.

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Morales and Laurences were on their way to breakfast about 10.30am when they saw what they described as a twister making its way towards Mauao.


"When we were driving down Maunganui Rd we commented on how windy it was," said Laurences.

"All of a sudden I heard this amazingly intense engine sound. It just sounded like a jet engine.

"What I was hearing and what I was seeing were completely different things."

The twister made its way from behind a tree before heading towards the car park where the couple were parked.

"At one point a branch flew in to the water. Then for about five minutes it (the twister) was just cruising around Pilot Bay. I didn't see where it went after that."

Laurences said there were about 10 people swimming in the harbour when the tornado travelled past - although he said no one was scared.

"No one was really scared. But I was just scared my car was going to get something thrown on it."