Nitro Circus crew wows audience

12:05, Feb 09 2013
Nitro Circus
AERIAL STUNT: Clint Moore peforms an FMX trick during Nitro Circus Live at Westpac Stadium.

There was no shortage of back-flipping BMX bikes and 360 degree rotating motocross riders at Wellington's Westpac Stadium last night.

But the 17,000 who turned up to the final show of the Nitro Circus 2013 tour got much more than that.

Some of the world's best action sport exponents were launching themselves of the 50 foot 'Gigant-a-ramp' in anything they could find, including tricycles, snowmobiles, bobsleds and even a chilly bin.

The biggest cheers of the night were reserved for Kiwi daredevils Luke Smith, who had come back from a brain injury he suffered three years ago, and Jed Mildon, the first person to ever land a triple backflip on a BMX bike.

Mildon added to his impressive CV in Wellington by landing what was thought to be the world's first double backflip tailwhip on a BMX - a move that saw him back flip twice then spin his bike 360 degrees underneath him while in mid-air.

The crowd also saw former Red Bull X-Fighters Champion Josh Sheehan, from Australia, land an impressive double backflip on his motocross bike.

Wheelchair-bound extreme athlete Aaron ''Wheelz'' Fotheringham, from the United States, earned plenty of cheers from the crowd when he attempted both a front flip and a double backflip in his wheelchair.