Officer quits over road-rage video

01:55, Mar 21 2013

A county deputy sheriff in the US has resigned after being caught on video in an apparent road rage incident.

Deputy Craig Culpepper, of Onslow, South Carolina, has been named as the driver of a patrol car involved in the incident with a motorist, named as Chad Walton, that captured the episode on video.

The footage, which has been uploaded to YouTube, seems to show Culpepper holding up traffic along a two-lane highway, known as Highway 526. The frustrated motorist is eventually able to pass when the highway widens to three lanes but the patrol car then speeds up, passes and moves in front of the motorist. The patrol car then slows down and brakes for no apparent reason and the following driver hits the car from behind.

Culpepper told television station that he was baited by Walton, who rode up behind him and flashed his lights at him before the beginning of the now-viral video.

"I fell for it hook, line and sinker," Culpepper told the TV station.

WWAY reported that law enforcement officials have had frequent encounters with Walton, who they say often drives around recording video of law enforcement officers trying to catch them in bad situations.

"The video is not all of the pieces," Culpepper said. "It doesn't show everything that took place."

It has been reported that neither Culpepper or the other driver have been ticketed for the incident, and the county sheriff's office said damage to police vehicle was around US$100 (NZ$115). No word on damage to the other vehicle.

VIDEO WARNING: The accompanying embedded video clip of the incident contains foul language.