BMW aims to crush world drifting record

01:00, Mar 25 2013

BMW is aiming to crush the world drifting record.

The current record, according to Guinness Book of World Records, was set by Red Bull racing driver, Adbho Fenghali, last month, drifting 11,180 metres (11.18 kilometres). The previous record of 5.8 kilometres had been set by Wang Qi at the World Drift Series in Tianjin, China, in 2011.

Now BMW is getting in on the act with one of the company's performance driving instructors, Johan Schwartz, lining up an attempt on May 11 in Greer, South Carolina, in the US.

Schwartz will drive a stock-standard rear-wheel-drive twin-turbocharged V8-powered BMW M5 and is aiming not only to just break the record, but crush it, with a target of around 65 kilometres around the track he uses to teach students how to drive both defensively and aggressively.

All proceeds from the attempt will go to the BMW Pro-Am charity with fundraisers available through per-lap sponsorship, car signage and guessing how long Schwartz's drift will go.

Below is BMW's teaser advert of the attempt.