New tightest parallel park record set

A pair of English brothers put their own spin on the art of parallel parking, beating the Guinness world record for manoeuvring into the tightest space in separate attempts.

Alastair and John Moffat, from Gloucester, squeezed their vintage Mini Mayfairs into a parallel space with just 13.1cm to spare between two cars.

The brothers used a combination of speed and handbrake and steering precision to beat the previous world record, held by Ronny Wechselberger, of 14cm. The previous record was set last year in a Volkswagen Up.

John, 31, was first to break the mark, before his elder brother matched the feat after several attempts.

The stunts were performed in front of Guinness world record adjudicators. Each driver was made to skid their car into place in one attempt, without touching the vehicles in front of behind them, or a white piece of timber mimicking the gutter.

"When I achieved it, all I felt was relief," Alastair said.

"The light was fading and I only had one or two attempts left so the pressure was on.

"The fact that we hold the world record together is great as we are very competitive with each other but John continually reminds me that he got it first."

The stunt was filmed as part of a new television show documenting record attempts from around the world.

-Fairfax News Australia