Mini mayhem in Wellington

06:40, Mar 31 2013
Pork Pie charity run 2013
GOTCHA: 'Blondini' Glen Quinn from Auckland with his water pistols while the Minis wait to get on the Interislander.
Pork Pie charity run 2013
GOTCHA BACK: Adrian Curley retruns fire on Glen Quinn.
Pork Pie charity run 2013
LINEUP: The convoy of Minis lines up to get on the ferry.

A few breakdowns and 35 demerit points haven't stopped mini drivers in the Pork Pie Charity Run from making the most of it.

The charity drive, which mirrors the adventure at the centre of classic 1981 Kiwi film Goodbye Pork Pie, is being held for the third time, with 47 Minis driving from Kaitaia to Invercargill over the Easter weekend.

So far the event has raised $160,000 for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand.

About 100 Mini enthusiasts were taking part in the 2500 kilometre drive, which started in Kaitaia on Thursday.

This morning, the contingent all boarded the Interislander ferry in Wellington to continue their journey. They expect to arrive in Invercargill on Wednesday.

Annie Hemsley, and her husband Murray, organised the first charity run in 2009 with their friend Rod Harris to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mini.


''Murray and Rod are both Mini mad and had both done various Mini events over the years. This just seemed like something a bit Kiwi to celebrate, and make some money for charity as well.''

The run was held every two years, and was a huge amount of fun to take part in, Ms Hemsley said.

''We're having such a great time. You've got to be a bit out there to get involved with this, but you meet some fantastic people.''

As in previous years, there had been a few funny moments and a couple of breakdowns on their way down from Kaitaia, she said.

''One of our guys got a ticket, which was a huge source of amusement for everybody. He got 35 demerit points, and then hit up the cops who stopped him for a donation.''

Mini enthusiast Glen Quinn heard about the charity run from a friend and was keen to get involved. He was making his way south in another friend’s car.

''I was keen to get involved with the fundraising, that’s the biggest thing. It's a cool way to help out.’’ The attraction of minis was that they were small and could go fast, he said.

''That, and they’re a hit with the ladies."

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