Seatbelt shirt aims to fool police

00:53, Apr 04 2013
Motorist wears a seatbelt t-shirt.
UNBELIEVABLE: Chinese motorist wears a seatbelt t-shirt.

This year's most stupid accessory award goes to: the seatbelt shirt from China which has a diagonal black stripe across it that makes it look as though you are wearing your seatbelt when you're daft enough not to.

The shirts cost between NZ$6.70 and NZ$9.60.

Frankly we wouldn't been seen dead in one, which is exactly what could happen if you wear one instead of the belt it's supposed to resemble. reports police were cracking down on the wearing of safety belts following a number of high profile accidents where occupants were killed after they were launched through car windows.

The report gave no indication of big a problem the non-wearing of seatbelts is, but added drivers were hoping the shirts would fool a busy policeman when he looks quickly inside.

Police said that while not wearing a safety belt was breaking the law, wearing the shirt was not.

The penalty for not wearing a safety belt is 50 yuan (NZ$9.50) and a deduction of two points, out of 12, of the driver’s licence.