Entrepreneur wants to make an affordable electric car video

After an incredibly successful IndieGogo crowd funding campaign for a US$499 electric bike, entrepreneur Storm Sonders wants to make a US$10,000 electric car. 

Newly-formed Sondors Electric Car Company wants to create a three-wheel EV with seating for three priced at US$10,000, Auto Blog reported

The vehicle will likely feature an aluminum body and come with battery pack options that allow for either 50, 100, or 200 miles of range (80km, 160km, 322km).

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Storm Sonders wants to make an affordable electric car.
Sondors Electric Car Company/Facebook

Storm Sonders wants to make an affordable electric car.

According to the company it can be charged by plugging it into the same outlet you plug a smartphone into every day.

Just like his bikes, the vehicles will be ordered online and delivered to your door.

The campaign is still in early days and a physical prototype isn't expected to be shown before the end of 2017, but it has already well and truly reached its funding goal.

Sonders is hosting the campaign on StartEngine, offering individuals the chance to buy $12 common shares in the company, with a minimum investment of $120 to raise an initial $1 million in capital used to build the prototype. Besides giving you equity, this investment will also act as your reservation.

Once that first Model Sondors is produced and a pre-sales programme conducted to judge expected capital needs, further financing has been flagged.

Sondors expects sales to exceed 120,000 units in the first year and says the business plan includes a path to profitability.

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