Peter Brock car collection up for sale

20:27, Apr 19 2013
PETER PERFECT: One of motorsport's real heroes – and all-round good Aussie bloke.
AUSTIN POWERS: Peter Brock shapes his future.
COLOUR FREE: An early photo of the Torana XU1 at pace.
SIX GUN: The triple-carbed Toranas were quick and nimble compared to the massive Fords of the time.
FASTER MASTER: In the he A9X Torana SS.
SMOKIN' FAST: Holden's Commodore signaled the start of a new era – with Brock and HDT at the sharp end.
WATERFRONT PROPERTY: Peter Brock and the Holden Dealer Team show how it's done at the Wellington street race, 1986.
LION'S SHARE: Nine times Bathurst winner, nine times Sandown winner &#150 you name it, Peter Brock won it, 1994.
LIFTING OFF: Where others came off the gas, Peter Perfect was often off the ground.
DIRTY WORK: It didn't need to be on a racetrack, Brock was happy to win anywhere.
DAYTONA: Brock at work on the car that he tragically died racing.

The world's most comprehensive collection of Peter Brock's race cars, road cars and memorabilia has been listed for sale.

The collection includes several Bathurst-winning Holdens, examples of Brock's Holden Dealer Team Commodores and the Shelby Daytona replica Brock fatally crashed in 2006.

Peter Champion, a lifetime Brock fan, spent decades gathering more than 40 genuine cars and replicas before opening a museum in Queensland.

Champion's Brock Experience was open to the public from December 2007 to February 2011. The cars remain at the museum in Yeppoon, where prospective buyers can take a look at potential purchases.

Champion says the collection is "an Aussie treasure trove", but that a heart attack and ongoing business interests prompted him to sell it.

Collectors have already approached the owner who would prefer to sell his cars as one lot, but is open to selling them individually.

"I can't focus on the collection anymore," Champion says.

"The collection needs ongoing care and I just can't give it.

"I also need the space in my shed – 40 cars take up a lot of space."

Champion's HDT vehicle and accessories business will not be affected by the sale.

HDT manager Heather Allen says interested parties can view the cars in person at the museum , or via its website

The collection will be open to the public for one final weekend in June.

"We really would love to get them the opportunity to come and have one last look," he says.

"It's such an emotional place to visit.

"It's been a huge part of our lives for quite a while, it's going to be tough."

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