1000 tyres slashed as a way to meet women

01:32, Apr 22 2013
Slashed tyre.
PUNCTURED PICK UP: A Japanese man has apparently slashed the tyres of around 1000 parked vehicles as a way to meet women.

A Japanese man's unusual way of meeting women has landed him in trouble with authorities.

Officials claim Yoshihito Harada, 25, may have punctured the tyres of around 1000 parked cars driven by women as way of starting conversations with them.

Asian news website, RocketNews24, claims Harada declared "It's true, I did it" when asked if there was any truth to the claims.

Harada appeared in the Nagoya district courthouse last week on charges relating to five incidents that claimed he used a screw driver or similar sharp object to puncture the tyres, with prosecutors saying it was all so he could establish contact with the women.

Prosecutors then claimed that when the women returned to their cars, Harada would arrive on the scene, saying "Looks like you've got a flat. Let me fix it for you." While changing the tyre he would strike up a conversation with the women and exchange phone numbers with them.

Police launched an investigation after one woman told a friend about how she got a flat tyre and a man offered to change it. The friend then exclaimed that the same thing had happened to her.

Harada and his legal team, when questioned about further similar offences, reportedly said, "There were about 1000, weren't there?"