Pub first stop after rolling $390,000 Bugatti

00:56, Jun 11 2013

The pub was the first stop for a UK man who narrowly escaped serious injury after crashing his NZ$490,000 1924 Bugatti in a hill climb event.

Edmund Burgess was competing in the Prescott Speed Hill Club in Gloucestershire when his rare Bugatti lost its brakes and crashed heavily into a wall and rolling.

In the open cockpit car, Burgess only had helmet, goggles and a jacket to protect him as the vehicle rolled, yet, after being trapped in the cockpit, he was able to walk away unharmed. Car Buzz reports Burgess immediately headed to the nearest bar for a beer.

His Bugatti was nearly so fortunate and will require some extensive repairs but Burgess claims he will be back racing the car in about eight weeks.