The best car ad ever?

05:05, Jun 12 2013
Car ad
Guy Murdo's photo of his "more to love" partner draped over the hood of his banged up Mercedes has got eBay interested.

How do you shift a second-hand motor that's seen better days?

Well, take a naff picture of a "chubby" woman draped over the hood of your car, post it on eBay together with a pleading tongue in cheek advert, hope it goes viral and let the tabloid press do the rest.

British couple Murdo Guy and Camilla Banks have managed to attract unbelievable bids of up £153,100 (NZ$303,000) for their battered silver Mercedes saloon after their car advert was picked up by Mail Online and The Sun.

For all those who've wasted entire days decoding the euphemisms dealers use to describe cars on Trade Me, the ad will seem refreshingly honest (as well as alarmingly sexist).

It wastes no time revealing that the car is a banger:

"If you are looking for an immaculate, well maintained example of a Mercedes e320 CDI ... you have come to the wrong place.


Read the full ad here

"If however, you are low on self esteem, with a strapped budget, but shooting for the stars, welcome to my auction. May I present to you, one of the finest feats in Germanic engineering politely modelled by my 'more to love' missus."

The 12-year-old motor certainly has had a colourful past: "Since owning the vehicle, it has been thrashed, raced, rallied, killed 3 deer, and the interior has been smashed up in a domestic, not to mention the time my wife booted the wing because I suggested she eat a salad or two."

To demonstrate the boot space, Mr Guy, from East Grinstead, West Sussex, posted photos of people in it, including Ms Banks.

Although Mr Guy's ad is tongue in cheek, he is extremely serious about taking bidders' money, and has had to remind them that refunds are not available.

Hopefully, with all the attention he's getting, he'll get a good price (despite the ludicrously high bids, the car is not worth more than $5000). It might not be worth the ridicule he's subjected his partner to. Being called chubby in an eBay ad can be easily brushed off; not so much when you're called chubby in The Sun and the world's biggest website.