Optimus Prime's having a very bad day

23:07, Jul 01 2013
NEW CAST MEMBER: This imposing truck is joining Transformers 4.

When he's not got his camera trained on the lithesome body of a Megan Fox-lookalike or blowing stuff up, director Michael Bay is keeping Transformers fans on the hook with car porn pics.

Bay released on his website photos of two new vehicles that have joined the cast of Transformers 4.

The first is of a blood red Pagani Huayra, which Bay describes as "a masterpiece of design and engineering" and a "fierce" machine.  He also drops that it is named after an ancient Andean God of Wind.

Pagani Huayra
A masterpiece of engineering, the fierce Pagani Huayra.

The second vehicle doesn't have such a godly background: it's a 2014 Argosy cab-over truck by Freightliner. 

Fans have also been hard at work revealing all they can about the new film. New videos that have surfaced on YouTube that show the film's robot hero, Optimus Prime, having a very bad day.