Five ways to look stupid in your car

23:13, Jul 20 2013

Here's our list that consists of five ways to guarantee you look stupid when you drive your car.


A sat-nav monitor mounted in the middle of the windscreen instead of its bottom right-hand corner means you can see very little from behind the wheel, what with various rego stickers and the mirror also blocking your view. Not a good look.


These are OK as long as your car deserves one and has it fitted at the factory. But stuck on the bootlid of a BMW 318i is very high on the naff scale and usually means you're only really kidding yourself, because everyone else will be in on the joke.


If Ferrari and Lamborghini can produce cars without them, making your family car look like a biplane has rear-ended it when all you're allowed to do is 100kmh, is plainly naive as the additional weight and wind-resistance will actually slow it down.


All a set of 23-inch rims says about your pick-up truck is that if fashion hadn't dictated it, you wouldn't have bought one in the first place. Weight-spread means it's less capable off-road and the same factor means it's not much good on the road, either.


Spending hard-earned cash for extra dials mounted – as in ''Fast and Furious'' – on the driver's door pillar when you have a set working perfectly well in your dashboard is the automotive equivalent of wearing elasticated trousers with a belt and suspenders.