Honda offers Geraldine retiree full refund for $1400 key

Dave Doy is pleased he has been offered a full refund by Honda NZ for his $1400 spare key.

Dave Doy is pleased he has been offered a full refund by Honda NZ for his $1400 spare key.

Geraldine retiree Dave Doy has been offered a full refund for a $1400 spare key he purchased for his Honda Fit last year.

Doy said he was very pleased when Honda New Zealand national service manager Bryan Davis got in touch last week to remedy the situation.

"I have to say I was quite surprised," Doy said.

Doy said he had initially been offered a refund, less $500 for the key.

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However, that offer had been increased to the full amount by late last week.

Doy was charged $1411.75 when he ordered a spare key for his 2009 Honda Fit from then Timaru-based dealer Armstrong Honda - which closed in September 2016.

At the time he was told the key would be expensive and, having purchased another remote access key in the past, expected it would be about $300, he said.

When the key arrived, Doy was surprised to be handed an invoice for $274.37 for the key itself and an additional $1137.38 for the part which starts the car.

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"I told them it was a rip-off and all I got was a shrug of the shoulders," he said. 

Doy, 73, was prompted to contact Stuff over the matter after reading about Auckland businessman Damian Funnell who took Armstrong Auckland to the Disputes Tribunal after it charged him $525 for a replacement remote for his Toyota.

The tribunal ruled the amount to be excessive and ordered Toyota New Zealand to refund $325.62. 

Prior to being offered a refund, Doy said he, too, would have been prepared to take his case to the Disputes Tribunal.

However, that won't be necessary with Honda NZ offering to cover the cost of the key.

Speaking on Monday morning, Bryan Davis was reluctant to discuss the matter but confirmed the company had offered to refund the full amount.

"Mr Doy is happy and that's the most important thing, that the customer is satisfied with the resolution," Davis said.

When asked why the company had decided to offer the refund, Davis would not be drawn on the matter and said he would prefer to leave the matter now it had been resolved.

He said it was up to Doy to discuss any details of the refund should he want to. 

When contacted for comment last week, Davis said he was not aware of any Honda keys which would cost the amount Doy had paid.

"Myself and the general manager for after sales had a look at pricing for keys. Generally keys are about $250-$500. It is a case by case thing," Davis said at the time.

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