Video shows aftermath of fiery crash

17:30, Dec 11 2013

Dash camera video recorded by two Ohio troopers shows a car racing past at high speed, followed by the aftermath of a fiery two-car crash that killed a elderly couple on Thanksgiving.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol video also shows the difficulty troopers had in catching up to the speeding car.

One video shows the car speeding past a trooper on the right and disappearing in the distance. A second video shows a trooper alerted to the speeding vehicle about to turn around on the Ohio Turnpike when a car speeds past. The trooper tries unsuccessfully to catch the car, and about 10 minutes later comes across a crash scene with cars on fire.

The trooper rushes to the crash with a fire extinguisher, yelling to bystanders to see if anyone is in the car. A man is heard telling the trooper the car passed him going "about 150 mph" (240 kmh).

The crash killed Wilbur and Margaret McCoy, both 77, of Toledo, Ohio, after they were traipped in their van.
The driver, Andrew D. Gans, 24, escaped without serious injury. He has been charged with vehicular homicide and is in jail on $1 million bond.