Is this the world's most expensive motorcycle?

Last updated 11:37 29/07/2013

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Love it or hate it, this is possibly the most expensive motorcycle ever built.

Gold-framed motorcycleTurkish designer Tarhan Telli has approached Guinness World Records with the "most expensive" claim after unveiling this monster which boasts a frame covered in yellow and white gold leaves.

Powered by an 1801cc engine, the 315 kilogram beast puts out 125 horsepower and is said to be worth well in excess of NZ$1.2 million.

As you would expect from something with the "world's most expensive" tag, the motorcycle doesn't look like your everyday two-wheeler.

Telli told GetGeared that despite the bike being made from gold, he didn't want it to be too loud, so the gold finish is rather obscured in the rustic look.

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