Customs & Classics

Pump and dump

Jarred Webber's customised Toyota Hilux

Low and slow is not about tough terrain for his Toyota Hilux.

Holden lovers gather

Taranaki's Steve and Joy Fabish with their 1980 Holden Kingswood

Some Holdens are like the holy grail, especially on the occasion of the marque's 60th birthday.

Best of the rest 'Pony' cars

Best of the rest 'Pony' cars

Mustang will always be the first "Pony" car so here's what we think are the next best five.

Rare cars up for sale

Southward cars

Six century-old cars, including one that raced in early New Zealand competitions, are being sold.

One year on, Ernie is back


A Model T Ford damaged in a crash last year is ready to hit the road once more.

Falcon legends meet

Ford Falcon XY GT.

The last ever Falcon GT gets to meet its maker; the iconic Falcon XY GT.

A chance to be 'Easy Rider'

Peter Fonda's Easy Rider chopper is going to auction.

Peter Fonda's Captain America chopper from Easy Rider has come to symbolise the counterculture of the 1960s. Now it's for sale.

Like driving a double bed

1966 Chevrolet Pillarless Hardtop Caprice

Verna Chambers' 1966 Chevrolet Pillarless Hardtop Caprice is part of the furniture.

Found: Jag stolen in 1968

This 1967 Jaguar XK-E convertible, stolen in 1968, was spotted by US Customs and Border Protection in Los Angeles as it was being readied for shipment to the Netherlands.

Rare 1967 Jaguar E-Type stolen in 1968 was spotted eagle-eyed customs officer in Los Angeles.

NZ car buff tastes victory

timaru goodwood revival lotus roger wills

Kiwi wins prestigious trophy at the Goodwood Revival classic car race meeting in England.

Three Chevys now 789

New Plymouth couple are the proud owners of NZ's first custom-made 789 which is a melting pot of old Chevrolets.

New Plymouth couple are the proud owners of NZ's first custom-made 789 which is a melting pot of old Chevrolets.

A love of English beauties


New Plymouth man's fixation with wheels has turned into a cluster of classic cars.

Cars worth Holden on to


Mark Grey's obsession with Holden cars started when he was just a young boy.

A lifelong love of cars

1932 Roadster

Barry Cullen doesn't care that his 1932 Roadster is made from fibreglass and isn't the true blue article.

And the best in show is...

This 1955 Jaguar D-Type won best in show at the 2014 Salon Prive's Concours d'Elegance in London.

If your gig is classic cars then the 2014 Salon Prive show in London is the place to be.

007 Bentley on show

1954 R-Type Continental Drophead Coupe

The car that James Bond ''loved more than all the women at present in his life'' is wheeled out to headline an array of Bentleys.

Personal Jaguar statement

Ian Callum's Jaguar Mark 2.

Jaguar's design director unveils a special makeover project.

Fraudster's Rolls sells at auction

1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

A 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost linked to convicted fraudster Michael Swann sells at auction.

Baby Azaria car on display

Holden Torana from the Azaria Chamberlain case

Museum buys car of the Kiwi at the centre of the "that dingo's got my baby" case.

Speciale sells for $31.1m

1964 Ferrari GTB/C Speciale

An extremely rare 1964 Ferrari GTB/C Speciale has sold for a stunning NZ$31.1m at auction.

Star power boosts price

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 once owned by Steve McQueen.

A vintage Ferrari once owned by actor Steve McQueen has sold for more than NZ$11.7m.

Ferrari breaks auction record

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

A Ferrari 250 GTO sold breaks auction record but still fails to meet some pre-sale estimates.

Collecting V8s by the dozen

Chris Tomkins collects Ford V8s

Chris "Swoop" Tompkins knows he is straddling the line between hoarder and collector.

Auction record under threat

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Expectations are high that a rare Ferrari could become the most expensive car to ever be sold at auction.

It's a keeper

The purchase of a rare Traveller has concluded Ian Rookes' Morris Minor collection.

The purchase of a rare Traveller has concluded Ian Rookes' Morris Minor collection.

Lotus 7 dream comes true

lotus 7

It took almost 50 years, but Andrew Lush is finally the proud owner of his dream car.

Jaguar buys huge collection

Jaguar buys huge collection

Jaguar has probably parted with nearly NZ$200m for the world's largest-known privately owned collection of British classic cars.

Wee car sparkles at museum

1967 riley elf mark III

Bill Dooley is mad about cars and his latest love is a 1967 Riley Elf Mark III.

Pintos go from beast to beauty

Pinto Stampede

An often-mocked classic car remains "cute", "unique" and "sexy" to their devoted owners.

MG wins best ride

norman bunt

Classic car buff Norman Bunt loves converting petrol into pleasure.

Sir Stirling and Maserati

Motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss and one of his favourite cars, the Maserati 250F, to headline a 100 year celebration at Silverstone.

Motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss and one of his favourite cars, the Maserati 250F, to headline a 100 year celebration at Silverstone.

A classic 30 year wait

Don Burgess and his British built MGB.

Mechanic Don Burgess has long coveted a car he regularly serviced but had to wait nearly 30 years before he could buy it.

Tow away motoring history

1970 Daimler Limousine

It does not go but that has not stopped Christchurch's mayoral Daimler attracting 60 online auction bids.

Camaro is his passion

1968 chevrolet camaro

Doug James' hunt for his dream car ended 12 months ago and don't expect to see anyone else driving it.

Phantom no Alien for this fan

Terence Costello's Ford Customline The Phantom

The only way to ensure you are driving the rarest cruiser in town is to invest in a one-of-a-kind, custom-built auto.

Record Ferrari price predicted

1954 Ferrari 4.9-litre 375-Plus

An incredibly rare race-winning Ferrari from the 1950s is tipped to set a world record when it goes to auction.

Treasure, mystery, intrigue

Donald McNamara's 1967 Corvette coupe pictured just before it went auction.

This started out as a story of buried treasure. Then it turned into the story of mystery and intrigue.

MG cars turn 90


If you like MGs and you're in Wellington, you're in for a treat.

Muscle car's mega price

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda convertible

Rare American classic muscle car that cost just US$5000 when new has been sold at auction for over NZ$4 million.

Loving his 'big red bus'

pete cummings

Most people who have classic cars get them for the pleasure of doing them up.

Minor's major restoration

matthew milne

Rusting wreck transformed into a working-horse for its proud Timaru owner.

Jags personify perfection

A long, rewarding and thrilling road for Dave

Dave Brown

Dave Brown doesn't make your average kitset car.

The legend's dawning

Bruce McLaren's 1929 Austin 7 Special

After a painstaking restoration in Nelson, the car Bruce McLaren learnt to drive in has been unveiled.

American beauty

Brian Rasmussen's 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe.

Brian Rasmussen began restoring an American classic for his partner but fell in love with it and kept it for himself.

Restoration was a struggle

Joe Fraser's 1955 Hillman Californian

What started out as an enjoyable restoration project soon became a headache.

A Ford fascination

1936 Ford

A man's fascination with 1936 Fords led him to collect 23 various models and they are now all going to auction.

Replica is 'close enough'

Jag replica

A rare and expensive recreation of a 1938 Jaguar SS100 car is for sale in Wellington.

International interest

Mark Bowers, Turners Auckland branch manager, with the 1929 Marmon Roosevelt Collapsible Coupe.

One of the world's rarest cars is expected to race off the auction block for about $300,000.

Bel Air is the prince

Allan Simons with his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Allan Simons knows there are no age restrictions when it comes to car enthusiasm.

Black Pearl wins 'Goodguys'

James Hetfield's Black Pearl

This Euro-American custom blend crafted for Metallica's James Hetfield has taken America's most sought-after hot rod gong.

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