Pimp My Ride secrets revealed

Broken cars, features removed after filming and fabricated background stories are just some of the Pimp My Ride secrets revealed this week.

Three men who had their cars pimped by rapper Xzibit and his crew on the MTV reality show have spoken to the Huffington Post about their experience.

Jake Glazier from season four and Seth Martino and Justin Dearinger from season six all said, like most reality shows, what appeared on television was vastly different to what they received.

On his show, Dearinger said he was given a "pop-up" champagne contraption and a drive-in theatre but both were removed after filming.

The producers told him they removed the champagne part because the show did not want to condone drinking and driving and the theatre because it was not street safe.

Pimp My Ride's executive producer Larry Hochberg said the removals were done with a specific purpose in mind.

"Sometimes we did things for safety reasons that the kids on show interpreted as us 'taking away' some items," he said. 

The show was renowned and often mocked for putting TVs in every conceivable place, including the back of seats, inside wheel rims and in car boots.

Martino's said his car was particularly low quality and he received television screens which never worked after filming.

There were also LED lights in the seats which would regularly overheat.

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"They would get really hot if left on so I couldn't drive with them on," Martino said.

"They took the gull-wing doors off because the pistons used to lift them kept them from putting seat belts in the back, which was highly dangerous." 

To the show's credit, they would endeavour to fix all of the problems and Hochberg said they had a tow truck driver on call, 24/7.

"The people who had cars that appeared on the show would call me, and I would leave my desk, run to meet up with the flatbed tow truck and go help them."

Many of the cars went to the show in mechanically poor condition and all three of the participants said no real effort was put in to fix those issues, despite the cars being in the shop for six months.

Martino had to put in US$1700 (NZ$2200) to fix his engine after the show, but Glazier made a large profit, selling his pimped car for US$18,000 a month after filming, having bought it for US$500.

Like many people who appear on reality TV, Martino said they fabricated his back story and fat shamed him by making up a story about keeping candy all over the back seat and floor "in case I got hungry".

"I sat there and watched them dump out two bags of generic candy.

"I did not have any candy all over my car. That was completely fabricated for the story."

However, all three men said they enjoyed their time on the show and would do it again if asked.

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