Driving a most beautiful handmade car video

This car, the Runge Frankfurt Flyer 004, while tiny, is about as far from being miserable as you could imagine.

Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik has found this car to be rolling art and a blast to drive. Even in refrigerator-interior temperatures.

There's no heater in the FF04 and there's no roof or padding on the seats.

The Runge Frankfurt Flyer 004.

The Runge Frankfurt Flyer 004.

These cars are now built by Christopher Runge by hand in a little garage in Minnesota in the US but date back to the handmade Volkswagen Specials created in Germany after World War Two.

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Torchinsky has had a blast in the FF004 and the video above is well worth a watch.

"If your goal is a car that looks amazing and like nothing else out there, and gives the most visceral, engaged, and enjoyable driving experience possible, you can't beat this," he says.

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