From the annoying to the dangerous

21:09, Feb 14 2012

We have some of the best roads in the world here in New Zealand, but we also have some shocking driving habits.

The worst, drink driving and not wearing a seat belt, are reflected in the road toll statistics, as is a penchant for travelling too quickly for the conditions.

While most of us are intelligent enough to avoid these life-threatening practices, there are still plenty of other bad habits that we could give up to make travelling our roads safer and more pleasurable for all.

Many drivers love to hog the centre line, increasing the risk to oncoming traffic and making passing riskier too. Remember to keep left.

Keeping a constant speed would be good too. Some seem incapable of it, fluctuating from 90km/h down to 70 then back up to 100 for no apparent reason.

I guess they're probably still texting and driving, which, despite the ban, is still prevalent, along with those still using a hand-held phone behind the wheel. 


The other annoying phenomenon is how such people can suddenly keep a constant 110km/h as soon as they encounter a passing lane. Use cruise control if you have it.

Then there are those of us who like to squeeze past another couple of cars just as the passing lane ends, which can cause all sorts of mayhem.

But it's understandable when some drivers simply refuse to move aside to allow others to pass. That's if they're even aware anyone is behind them at all.

A lack of awareness of other road users causes frustration, leading some to overtake out of pure frustration. Both are bad habits we can do without.

Getting back to the keeping left approach, the amount of lazy drivers that cut corners in busy gorge roads is alarming.

But perhaps the worst thing about our driving is that we all think we are better drivers than the person in the car in front us.

We could all do with a shot of humility and courtesy out on the road - it would help everyone enjoy the journey much better.

Which driving behaviour gets on your nerves? Are you guilty of any of the bad habits above?