A car that can sense your emotions

Honda is looking to develop technology that would allow its cars to interact with humans.

Honda teams up with Softbank to create a car that can sense drivers' emotions.

Mercedes-Benz NZ plugs-in

New C 350e and GLE 500e plug-ins cover  Mercedes-Benz's most popular vehicle genres.

Mercedes-Benz isn't the first premium brand to the Kiwi market with plug-in cars. So it aims to be the cleverest instead.

Pokemon no: Driver hits police car video

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 20:  Pokemon GO players meet at Sydney Opera House on July 20, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. The ...

Not surprisingly, playing Pokemon Go while driving is a poor idea.

Tiny 1970s car sets world speed record video

The Enfield 8000 smashes world speed record.

A tiny 40-year-old electric vehicle dubbed the "Flux Capacitor" has become the world's quickest street legal electric vehicle.

Ideal car crash survivor is spooky video

Graham has no neck, ruling out broken necks and whiplash and a flat, fatty face to protect the nose and ears.

Meet Graham, the only person designed to survive a car crash.

VW scandal tab nears $20b

The VW brand outperformed expectations as the European auto market improved and corporations purchased more fleet ...

Volkswagen's stock jumps even as its bill on the emissions scandal grows.

Tesla's future revealed

Elon Musk will reveal the future of his car company later today.

Plans for an electric pick-up truck, compact SUV, semi and bus, as well as self-driving capabilities and more.

Tequila transformation for Ford

Tequila makers use juice from the fruit of these agave cactus plants to create the famous alcohol. Now the leftovers ...

Leftovers from plants used to make tequila will be recycled into sustainable plastics, for use in cars.

SUVs and utes the new Kiwi deal

SUVs such as this Skoda Yeti now hold sway in New Zealand's new vehicle market.

New statistics show Kiwis are embracing SUVs and utes more than ever before.

Audi vs Tesla

Audi will sell a fully electric SUV from 2018.

Audi intends to put the pressure on Tesla with move to making more electric vehicles.

Historical Packard pursuit stalls

Packard vehicles like this 1927 model are a rare treat for classic car enthusiasts.

German man discovers rare 1934 limo came from Oregon, USA, raising even more questions.

Daihatsu doors could fall off

Robots assemble the main body of one of Daihatsu Motor's vehicles at the minivehicle maker's Kyushu Oita (Nakatsu) No 2 ...

Company recalling about 800,000 mini vehicles in Japan after discovering flaw with Tanto model.

Jaguar's SUV plans

The F-Pace represents a major milestone for Jaguar.

Jaguar's now in the luxury SUV market, raising questions about where the company goes next.

The self-driving car conundrum

Google has been hard at work on self-driving technology, producing this car in the process.

Automakers around the world are developing self-driving cars. But there's a problem.

Hi-tech beacons make driving safer

The roadside beacons bluetooth messages to passing vehicles and use solar power.

NZTA improves the Christchurch-Queenstown commute with flash new gadgetry.

Autopilot upgrade after death

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk wants to see his car company's "autopilot" system improve drastically.

Potential 'significant improvements' could be wirelessly sent to Tesla's electric cars.

Concept Jeep unveiled

Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute concept.

Classic American brand gets retro with new anniversary concept Jeep.

Ronaldo celebrates with Bugatti buy

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo kisses the Henri Delaunay trophy to celebrate winning the Euro 2016 football final against ...

Football superstar splashes out over NZ$3m on a supercar to celebrate winning Euro 2016.

'Ole Yeller' Mustang is a goer

Ford's "Ole Yeller" Mustang bred from a Shelby GT350.

Ford's claims its latest one-off is "the most track-ready and road-legal Mustang every produced".

Ferrari gathering gets travel blessing video

A priest was on hand to bless over 100 Ferraris in the Germany town of Fulda as part of the Esperanto Ferrari gathering.

Nearly NZ$40 million worth of Ferraris turn up for an annual get-togther in the German city of Fulda.

In a 'flap' over the BMW i3

The BMW i3 hatch. It's currently available only as a range-extended model, but soon a fully-electric version will join ...

Continuous improvement is working to make BMW's electric hatch a better buy.

Drivers' 'licence to kill'

Racing driver Greg Murphy says the New Zealand driver regime is too lax on new drivers and doesn't test the skills they need.

People are dying on NZ roads because a driver's licence is too easy to get, Greg Murphy says.

Hack a car and earn money

Jeep Cherokee Limited

Fiat Chrysler is set to reward hackers who expose software deficiencies in its vehicles.

Mazda reduces the passenger seat slide video

Passenger seat comparison of a left-hand turn at 30kmh.

A new Mazda system aims to make cornering a lot more comfortable.

Driving under the influence of Pokemon

A man in Auburn, New York, ran off the road and crashed his car into a tree because he was distracted playing Pokemon Go.

It had to happen, a motorist swerves and crashes into a tree while playing the popular Pokemon Go game.

The mission: take down Tesla

Tesla has made electric vehicles truly sexy. But other carmakers have now seen the light.

Tesla is a hero brand for the electric-car cause. But the competition is coming in a big way.

Trolley bus freed from wires video

From left, NZ Bus project manager Sudhakar Arumalla, chief executive officer Zane Fulljames, and Sytse Tacoma, project ...

First no-wires trolley bus begins transformation in Newlands.

Report slams NZ driver licensing video

New Zealand driver licence problems.

Serious concerns raised in a damning report on New Zealand's driving licence system.

Green cars causing damage?

A flamingo feeds at the Chaxa lagoon, part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve, in Salar de Atacama, Chile, on June 3, ...

Salt water flats dry out threatening wildlife as miners search for lithium, a material that is used in electric car batteries.

There's a bear in my car video

A bear is trapped inside a Subaru stationwagon in Colorado in the US.

A bear has destroyed the interior of a car after managing to open the door and then lock itself inside.

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