Aussie driver carts everything including the washing machine

The overloaded car raised plenty of eyebrows.

The overloaded car raised plenty of eyebrows.

Josh Von Loeben couldn't quite believe his own eyes when he saw a car with a washing machine barely fitting in the boot and various other items roped onto it travelling down the Kwinana Freeway south of Perth, Australia.

Fortunately he has a photo to prove it happened.

The car was in the emergency lane on Tuesday morning and Von Loeben reckons he's never seen anything quite like it - despite being a keen bike rider who has seen items fall off cars near him previously.


Bizarre footage has emerged from China of a ridiculously overload tricycle driving down a road.

"I had a ladder fall off before and had to swerve out of the way," he said, before adding that the ladder had at least been tied down.

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The washing machine car, he said, appeared to have "no proper tie-down straps."

"It was going about 90ks an hour, 80 ks an hour," he said.

"It was going pretty quick."

Von Loeben said the car looked quite cramped.

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"He [the driver] was hanging out of the window a tiny bit.

"It did look like there was a lot of stuff in there."

When a photo of the overloaded vehicle was posted to social media it stirred similar online disbelief to that experienced by Von Loeben.

"LOL! I saw this guy earlier in our streets, picking the stuff from the verge collection! Totally crazy! Couldn't believe it, when I saw it, haha!" was the reaction from one person.



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