BMW crashes into basketball practice video


A basketball player in China narrowly escapes being hit by a car which smashes through a stadium wall.

A BMW has gate crashed a basketball stadium in China narrowly missing a player practising three-point shots.

The player seems to have been alerted to the danger moments before the car crashes through the wall and manages to leap forward out of the vehicle's path. The car's path also took it close to a number of players sitting against the stadium wall nearby.

The cause of the accident is believed to have been pedal confusion with the driver hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. Although the wall was broken and the BMW was damaged, the basketballer and the driver were not injured.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Dramatic footage has emerged from China of a truck tipping over and landing on top of a BMW.

Meanwhile, another BMW was involved in a dramatic crash also caught on video and also in China on Monday.

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The driver of this BMW, however, is in hospital in a serious condition after turning into the path of a truck which then tipped over onto his car.

People working at a nearby factory helped firefighters rescue the people trapped in the car.

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