British truckie launches 'unbelievable' road rage attack video

WARNING, CONTAINS VIOLENCE: CCTV captures a horrifying moment in which two men in a lorry are attacked by a man in a pick-up truck on the M62 in Eccles, London.

CCTV footage has emerged of a British truck driver launching a terrifying attack on a fellow motorist after he asked for his insurance details after a collision on a UK motorway.

The footage of the road rage incident near Manchester shows the angry driver pulling the other driver into a headlock, ramming his car into the truck and smashing the truck's windows with a shovel while the driver and a passenger are trapped inside.

Greater Manchester Police Community Support Officer John Cavanagh said the argument between the drivers began after they collided while driving between two different motorways in northern England on November 9.

Angry truckie bends back mirrors on another truck during a terrifying British road rage attack.

Angry truckie bends back mirrors on another truck during a terrifying British road rage attack.

The truck driver then asked for the other's insurance details.

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"No one could have anticipated the level of violence they would then fall victim to," said Cavanagh.

"This attack was unbelievable, and has been clearly captured on CCTV."

Greater Manchester Police have released the footage in a bid to track down the identities of those involved.

Cavanagh said the driver and passenger in the larger truck were just trying to get on with their day's work.

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"Accidents happen and they were attempting to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner," he said.

"Luckily neither of the men were seriously injured however they have been left terrified by the incident."


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