How do New Zealand's used car prices compare with the rest of the world?

Used Holden Barinas are among the cheapest in the world in New Zealand.

Used Holden Barinas are among the cheapest in the world in New Zealand.

Want to buy a used Holden Barina? They're cheaper in New Zealand than Australia, but not as inexpensive as in USA. And as for Singapore - just don't go there.

Not only that, but our used Toyota Hilux utes are among the world's most expensive, while our used hybrids are among the least expensive.

All this information is contained in a fascinating study of the prices of second-hand cars around the world, conducted by the Europe-based global online used car dealership Carspring.

But used Toyota Hilux utes are among the most expensive.

But used Toyota Hilux utes are among the most expensive.

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The study has looked at 10 different vehicle types including small hatchbacks, luxury SUVs, hybrids and utes, and compared the average prices of models with similar odometer readings in 40 different countries.

"The fluctuating value of used cars around the world has always mystified buyers and experts alike," says Carspring's co-founder Maximilian Vollenbroich.

"So we took it upon ourselves to make the complicated simple, and present a snapshot of the current global value of used cars." 

The 10 selected cars were the Holden Barina (or its equivalent in other markets), Renault Megane, Hyundai Elantra, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Fiat 500, Land Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz C180, Toyota Hilux, and Toyota Prius.

The 40 countries researched included the majority of the largest car producing nations, plus other countries of automotive interest such as New Zealand.

Where no direct model comparision was available between nations, the study used comparable global vehicles per brand and selected models with similar engines and mileages.

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The study then researched hundreds of online outlets and "brick and mortar" retailers in five of the biggest cities in each of the 40 countries, to find the selected used cars currently available, plus those sold in the past 12 months. 

The study has found that USA is the most affordable country in the world to buy a used vehicle, followed by United Kingdom and Russia.

New Zealand is in 19th place, just behind Australia. And in 40th and last place is Singapore, which is easily the most expensive country to buy a used car due to its extremely high taxes on automobiles.

So here are the average prices for the selected used cars in New Zealand, compared to prices in USA, Australia and Singapore (all in New Zealand dollars).

Holden Barina: $10,527 (8th most affordable of countries surveyed), USA $9442, Australia $11,785, Singapore $37,142.

Renault Megane: $15,313 (19th), not sold in USA, Australia $12,915, Singapore $105,069.

Hyundai Elantra: $20,107 (34th), USA $13,228, Australia $16,383, Singapore $67,007.

Ford Fiesta: $13,411 (17th), USA $15,243, Australia $11,922, Singapore $53,475.

Volkswagen Golf: $16,285 (6th), USA $14,381, Australia $19,372, Singapore $83,281.

Fiat 500: $11,494 (11th), USA $8425, Australia $15,094, Singapore $59,286.

Land Rover Evoque: $53,598 (20th), USA $47,211, Australia $52,555, Singapore $143,397.

Mercedes-Benz C180: $29,696 (11th), USA $26,874, Australia $35,636, Singapore $75,515.

Toyota Hilux: $41,182 (34th), USA $23,968, Australia $32,287, Singapore $75,515.

Toyota Prius: $24,897 (8th), USA $25,857, Australia $25,653, Singapore $86,918.

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