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Ferrari CEO on hand as famous carmaker opens new exhibitions in expanded museum in Maranello, Italy.

To celebrate Ferrari's 70th anniversary, the Ferrari Museum of Maranello, Italy, has opened two new exhibitions

The exhibitions, called Under the Skin and Infinite Red were opened under the watchful eye of the company's president and CEO, Sergio Marchionne.

The museum attracted 344,000 visitors in 2016 and to cope with the rising popularity, space has been extended by more than 600 square metres to a total of 4100.


Ferrari opens new exhibitions at museum in Maranello.

Ferrari opens new exhibitions at museum in Maranello.

Ferrari opens new exhibitions at museum in Maranello.

Ferrari opens new exhibitions at museum in Maranello.

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Of the new exhibitions, Under the Skin has been created in partnership with the London Design Museum and recounts the creative and engineering development of Ferrari down the years through a series of exceptional cars beginning with the 125 S, the marque's first car.

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Ferrari opens new exhibitions at museum in Maranello.

Ferrari opens new exhibitions at museum in Maranello.

Some technical drawings from the historical archive of the Prancing Horse and the engines on display reveal the design process of cars of all eras, casting an unprecedented eye over the engineering work hidden behind their exterior beauty. Design models and the Wind Gallery also show the evolution of styles and technologies down the years, recalling how Enzo Ferrari was at the forefront of experimenting with new scientific techniques. The exhibition will move to the London Design Museum from November.

Infinite Red meanwhile celebrates the 70-year history of the Prancing Horse with some of Maranello's most exclusive creations for track and road.

The Formula One cars on display have a long series of victories to their name: from the 500 F2, with which Alberto Ascari won for Ferrari the first world drivers' title in 1952, to the F2004, the Ferrari that won the most GPs in history (15, like the F2002) and concluded Michael Schumacher's epic run of world titles, and finally the F2008, which won the World Constructors' Championship.

Among the GT cars, visitors can admire various models from the 250 family, such as the 250 GT Berlinetta "Tdf", which dominated races in the second half of the 1950s, its evolution the 250 GT

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Berlinetta SWB and the 250 GTO, a collectors' favourite. Then down to the present, the exhibition features a number of limited special series such as the F50, the Enzo and the latest, the LaFerrari, also present in the non-homologated FXX K version for exclusive use on track.

Under the Skin will remain at Maranello until November 2017, while Infinite Red is open until the end of the year.

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